RWC 2015 Opening Ceremony

To excite the world and set the tone for the Tournament, our objective was to create an Opening Ceremony that would engage and inspire a live audience of 82,000 at Twickenham Stadium and a broadcast audience in the hundreds of million. The production played a significant role in realising the vision for the Tournament and in presenting England as a proud, warm and welcoming host nation.

This needed to be more than a Ceremony, this needed to be an experience; a moment in time to break new ground via an extraordinarily ambitious production. We placed the grand, the formal and the received traditions of ceremony to one side and got right to the point, the vision, the SCRUM. The Opening Ceremony set the tone for the Tournament; passionate, succinct, bold and bursting with excitement. Most crucially the field of play was cleared in just 10 minutes, allowing teams plenty of warm up time for the Opening Match. The show had a fantastic response from the audience, the media and the client – a truly unforgettable experience.