Glasgow 2014 Handover Ceremony

To bring to life Glasgow 2014 and the city’s unique personality, we delivered an 8-minute segment of the Closing Ceremony of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, working across geographies and cultures with a limited budget. The objective was to deliver a strong and stylish performance; meaningful to the home audience, entertaining to the live audience, and memorable for the global broadcast audience. This was achieved by identifying established symbols that led the audience on a journey through traditional Scotland to modern Glasgow and by placing the proud people of Glasgow at the heart of the performance. This was highly visible in the form of tartan, kilts, bagpipes, the Loch Ness monster and a 350-strong mass choreographed cast from every corner of Scotland, from all backgrounds and all walks of life. We provided the overall creative concept from inception through to delivery as well as creative direction on all elements including choreography, original music, protocol, design, and co-ordinating a team of world-class experts to lead an inexperienced in-house team. We were also responsible for the technical and operational delivery.